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May 20 2018



How can your body replicate the feeling of falling from high altitudes in a nightmare if you’ve never fallen like that before?

I don’t know but I don’t like this post.



what happens to all your teen angst when you’re 20… like where does it go

they diagnose it as anxiety


sorry I’ve been [*static noises*]

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Angsty Romantic Cliches I’m a Slut For 

  • Holding their partner’s unconscious/dead body
  • Sobbing into their partner’s shoulder/chest
  • One of them is hurt and the other falls asleep in their hospital room
  • The other losing their mind when their partner is hurt/killed and charging into battle recklessly
  • “I thought I lost you” hugs
  • “Don’t go where I can’t follow!” 
  • One is mind controlled and forced to fight the other
  • The other refusing to harm them and getting seriously injured as consequence 
  • The person coming to and seeing what they’ve done
  • I could go on about this trope alone for 5 hours
  • A last desperate “I love you!” 
  • A tearful, hard kiss before battle, bonus points if its a confessional kiss
  • “Please, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 
  • Bandaging each other’s wounds
  • Both of them injured, and waking up beside each other




i mean come on you can’t tell me that tfp wheeljack doesn’t get introduced to old western movies and secretly gets addicted to them

and one day he walks into the base and goes ‘howdy partner’ to ratchet and ratchet goes ‘???? i’m not your partner, wheeljack”

“this town ain’t big enough for the two of us,” wheeljack agrees

“…wheeljack we’re not in a town. this is a base. it’s a little cramped but it IS big enough for the two of us. there’s nine of us here. what are you even talking about.”

meanwhile miko and raf are laughing behind him and fowler’s thinking he doesn’t get paid enough to babysit giant alien robots.

and so begins the search for a cowboy hat big enough for wheeljack’s head. they WILL find it. miko’s determined.

i had to

Ratchet: “Wh… where did you get the HAT?!?”

Wheeljack: “It’s high noon~”

Ratchet: “That doesn’t answer any of my question.”






Can someone just………………. explain French to me?

its spanish but you speak it in cursive

You have 11 letters. You pronounce 4 of them.

Learn to speak spanish. Now learn to speak italian. Now subtract the spanish from italian. You are left with french.

It is surprisingly accurate

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But they aren’t documented so they wouldn’t be pa…..nvm

This is a huge misconception for regular Americans. When the government uses the phrase “undocumented” they’re using it incorrectly because if they were truly undocumented then they would’ve be in system. However these immigrants are in the system and they pay taxes, file tax returns and get no benefits that citizens and legal residents get. They also get to see ICE showing up at their doors because the government has their addresses. Fun fact. “Undocumented” workers pays $12 billion dollars every year in taxes. https://www.google.com/amp/www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2016/10/06/how-much-tax-do-americas-undocumented-immigrants-actually-pay-infographic/amp/

Reblogging for info.

“Undocumented” just means “without papers,” i.e. a social security card, valid visa, etc. They’re still on databases and whatnot, they just don’t have the documentation that allows them to reap the benefits.

so if it didn’t click- the government is aware of their presence and gladly taking their money under the table while simultaneously promoting the idea that undocumented people are a threat and encouraging hatred and distrust of them
it’s super messed up, literally the scheme of an evil villain, and it’s really happening

🗣 undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles contribute more to the GDP than the state of Montana and like 5 other states

Also, for what it’s worth, even immigrants that are really  undocumented – that is, not in the system at all – still pay taxes.

They pay sales taxes on the goods they buy, they pay property taxes on the homes they live in (or, more often, rent – the property owners pay the taxes and pass the costs on to the renters.) Depending on how their employment shakes out, they may still have taxes withheld from their paychecks.

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Joe, The Shark: Trying to make friends.


May 16 2018



My brother: *to his online friends* I gotta go. My pizza is here.

One of his online friends: Where’s my pizza?

Everyone: *laughs*

My brother: *logs out of chat*

Me: You know. You could order them pizza.

My brother: What?

Me: You know his adress.

My brother: We live in Canada. They are in the States.

Me: So. You can order it online and pay with a credit card.

-20 minutes later-


I like how thus far there seems to be two responses to this post.

1. This is soooo sweet and pure.

2. Tagging a friend with something to the the effect of “Where’s my pizza?”

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Reblog to have something good happen at 1:42 tomorrow

I’m reblogging this so something good happens to YOU at 1:42 tomorrow, and now you don’t have to.

But also for me.

May 15 2018


the body diversity for rihanna’s new lingerie line is incredible??? it’s not even just “oh all our models are skinny but we stock everything in plus sizes too don’t worry” or throwing kate upton and ashley graham into the line-up and pretending they’re plus-size lol like they actually have plus-size models as the default pics for a bunch of items? look this is just a random sample

thanks rihanna


Genji: I like your pants.

Zenyatta: Thank you, they were 50% off.

Genji: I’d like them 100% off.

Zenyatta: The store cannot sell free stuff.

Genji: No that’s not what I-

Zenyatta: That’s a terrible way to run a business.



i love when i see my door open a crack and then a second later i see my cat’s beautiful little face

i love when my door is busted open so forcefully that it bounces off the doorframe and my cat barrels onto my bed screaming

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Finally some decent weather to work on harness training outdoors. It was still a little cold though so she wasn’t too thrilled.

Do not put your cat on a leash. If you want a dog, get a dog. If you live somewhere that’s dangerous to have a cat, don’t have a cat. Animals are not an accessory, having a pet is a privilege, not a right. Don’t train an animal to perform for your entertainment. Fed up with this hipster bullshit.

@fuckyeahfuncats​ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however it is my choice to harness train my cat; A choice that is based on the fact that cats are an environmentally devastating invasive species and that the outdoors (regardless of where you live) are an unsafe, unpredictable environment for any free-roaming domestic animal to have unlimited access to. A harness/leash combo allows me to control how my cat interacts with that environment in a safe manner. I can quickly move her out of harms way if necessary and do not worry about her running off and getting lost, or worse. I also have plans to build an outdoor enclosure (catio) this summer to allow her more unrestricted outdoor access while still keeping her safe from danger.

Also, I don’t see how training my cat to accept and walk on a harness/leash, while safely enjoying the outdoors is considered entertainment. If anything it is for HER (the cat’s) entertainment. Not only does she get to exercise some of her natural instincts (she can still hunt and stalk all she wants, she just can’t catch and kill, for that I provide her with frozen-thawed feeder mice to “kill” and eat) she also gets to interact with the local feral cats and wildlife by scenting messages they left behind or watching them from a safe distance. If I ever thought my cat disliked wearing the harness, and walking on leash, than I would stop using it, but she loves it because it means she gets to go (safely) have fun outside.

God forbid I decide to take a few photos of my cat safely enjoying the outdoors on her harness and share them online to hopefully brighten up someones else’s day.

Teaching a cat to walk safely on a harness is cruelly forcing them to perform for entertainment now? Lmfao you’d think a blog that’s supposed to be about funny cats would be less up their own ass and be able to figure out why harness training is a good thing on their own but I guess they’d rather be a public jackass and have it explained to them that way instead.

Reblog if u support hipsters walking their cats

“fuckyeahfuncats” has a very misleading URL

more like fuckyeahdeadcats amirite

Reblogging for the SUPER GORGEOUS CAT and to laugh at the idea of proper animal care being “hipster bullshit”, lmao.


Pro tips:

*Mock fate

*Struggle against yourself

*Kill a god

*Invent a gender

*Go mad in the forest and run about like a wild beast

*Pet a cat

*Don’t talk to cops

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i thank gamefreak every day for blessing us with these marvelous bug lesbians

yo, i’m takin commissions rn! every buck helps!!


Listen I am aware canon exists like … I can see it. I just don’t…. como se dice…. give a shit. 

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Dog snaps to enjoy

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